Top 10 Indian Gamers on YouTube - 2020

You know what Since the advent of Pubg in India, the gaming field has been in great demand, Indians are making a career in gaming. Top 10 Indian Gamers on YouTube, this trend is increasing day by day.

Top 10 Indian Gamers on YouTube

In earlier times people were playing games just for fun. But now it is not like that. Due to the game, big events like global tournament happen in India. Today we are going to learn about some successful gamers in India.

Gamer entertains people through gaming, so the number of gamer fans is in the millions. Not only that, through live stream, their fans try to talk to them with the help of super chat.

Top 10 Indian Gamers List

10. Dynamo Gaming

Hearing the name Dynamo gaming comes in front of the PUBG and "patt se headshot". This is the most famous channel on YouTube since PUBG came in India. There are more than 7M subscribers, the original name of dynamo gaming is Sawant. Lives in Pune Maharashtra. There are completely PUBG PC videos on dynamo gaming. About 2 years ago dynamo started live-streaming. And now is the most famous Indian gamer.

9. Kronten Gaming

Kronten Gaming also has more than 1.5M subscribers on YouTube. Kronten Gaming's original name is Chetan Chandgade, will live in Pune, Maharashtra. Kronten is but a PUBG player. And sometimes plays other games as well. Kronten has been in the gaming field for 3 years.

8. Octo Owais

Soul team member's activists octa owais and mohammad owais. India's pubg torment MVP was the soul clan, and the soul team was instrumental in winning. There are more than 300K subscribers. But he is known as a pro player.

7. Alpha Clasher

Alpha Clasher's name is a symbol, will remain Mumbai Maharashtra. The symbol is only 20 years old. Pratik was also streaming a game like COC in 2015. Symbol took more than 1M subscribers in a year. Dynamo clan has started streaming PUBG pc since joining.

6. Gareeboo

Gareeboo is also a very famous youtuber, roaming along with gaming. Gareeboo's original name is Kunal Saraf from Kolkata. Gareboo streams in a different tone. So is the fan of the people. Kunal has also made his career in gaming.

5. Gunshot

Gunshot's original name is Hernit Khatri, who still plays a variety of games with Hernit Pubg, and inspires people. So Harnit is also very popular. Hernit is known outside India as the gunshot.

4. The Rawknee Games

The original name of Rawknee Games is Rony das gupta. Rony also roasts along with gaming. Rony has more than 3M subscribers in both the channels. There is also commentary in the gaming competition. People like rony because of his commentary.

3. Techno Gamerz

The original name of Techno Gamerz is Ujjwal Chaurasia. Is the channel that grows the most in the shortest time. Techno Gamerz is posting GTA-5 gameplay on the channel. There are also PUBG videos on other channels. The subscribers of both the channels together are more than 6M.

2. Mortal

Pubg king said that the name of mortal comes. Mortal was the play for India in the global tournament. Since then mortal has become popular. Mortal's real name is Naman Mathur. Mortal is doing daily PUBG mobile live stream. Mortal has more than 5M subscribers. I still play a lot of games with Pubg.

1. CarryisLive

Carry minati is number one in gaming category in india. There are more than 6M subscribers. Carry minati's other channel is CarryisLive. Ft. Ajay Nagar. The most popular for rosting with gaming in India. The youngest has achieved a very large milestone. Has been doing YouTube career since 2015. Gaming channel is for fun only. People come to see his funny commentary.

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