Free Alternatives To CamScanner App For Android And iOS

You all know that 59 apps have been banned in India. And CamScanner is also named in this list. I'm told you today Free Alternatives To CamScanner App For Android And iOS. CamScanner made it easy for you to get your work done very quickly and easily for documentation, PDF creation, document creation, CamScanner. But now CamScanner is banned from India, and you won't even see it on Playstore.

Free Alternatives To CamScanner App For Android And iOS

If you have CamScanner is a much-needed application, don't worry, we have come up with an alternative CamScanner for you. You will find this alternative for free.

Free Alternatives To CamScanner App For Android And iOS List

1. Google Drive Scanner

Google says trust comes. Yes, if you don't know, then Google Drive scanner is also your photos, converter: PDF / document and everyone knows that google offers any feature for free. So you can also use this app for free.

If you want to scan a document, just open the Google Drive application, then click on the (+) button and go to the scan option. Your camera will open, now you can scan the document you want.

2. Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

As you may know, Adobe is a very large software company, and it is a product of this. Adobe Scan is the best alternative to CamScanner. Here you will find PDFs, documents, notes, and much more. This is also a very popular application, so we have added adobe scan to this list.

You can download it through the following link.

3. Microsoft Office Lens

Google is followed by Microsoft. And Microsoft Office Lens is Microsoft's profit. Microsoft Office Lens works perfectly with CamScanner, but with extra features. In Microsoft Office Lens you can PDF like image, world, PowerPoint file, notes, etc. That too in your phone.

4. Tap Scanner

Tap Scanner is also the best alternative to CamScanner, it gives you more features like scan, print, save, PDF, note.

5. Simple Scanner App

If you just want to PDF document then this application is for you. They can do whatever they want to scan the document, but it is free

This is a list of Free Alternatives To CamScanner App For Android And iOS. I hope you understand this article. A downlode link is also provided. So that it will be easy for you to downlode.