What is Speed ​​Post and how to do it?

What is a speed post and how is it done? For the information of the people, I am saying that the Indian Post Office was not like before. I know the idea that the postmaster, some clerk and some postman (postman) are doing it in a small house should be in your mind. Yes, it is a fact that this was the condition of the Indian Post Office in the past.

What is Speed ​​Post and how to do it?

The previous Indian Post was fast because it was fast and did not offer any post service. But at that time there was no one but the government postal service. But someone has told the truth that everything changes over time. Today, there are many postal services in the market that provide us services on time and at reasonable rates.

In view of all these, the Government of India has also taken some commendable steps and fully digitized the Indian Postal Service. So today I want to give you some information about what is called speed post in this article and how we do it, then what is the delay?

What is Speed ​​Post

Speed ​​Post is the fastest service of postal service, so that anyone can send their goods from any corner of India to any corner very fast and safely. This is an arrangement through which you can ship your goods at a very low cost.

For your information I have clarified that the date of the fastest speed post exists in India first in 1986. Indian Postal Services has improved its service over the last 30 years. When Speed ​​Post started a new era, Rs. In the whole of India, there is a 'One India, One Rate' scheme between Kanyakumari in Kashmir. We Indians met such a cheap price. Give a fair price to all the parties you come across

Speed ​​Post connects more than 1200 cities in India with 290 Speed ​​Post Centers in the National Network and around 1000 Speed ​​Post Centers in the State Network. For regular users, Speed ​​Post delivers anywhere in India under contract service. And one special thing is that Speed ​​Post Money-back guarantees.

How to do speed post

I know you know how to send speed post, but there will be a lot of people who don't know how to send goods on speed post, so I thought why give full information about sending goods, which will help them a lot.
  • 1. First create what you want to send and then fill it into a standard sized envelope. But remember to use only the size decided by the government.
  • 2. My opinion is that you only buy envelopes from Indian Post Stationery, so that it is easy for you to write on the address and address.
  • 3. You. If you are buying an envelope from outside, you will have to write two and a half addresses very well.
  • 4. You must also provide a mobile number with addresses so that there is no confusion when the post arrives or returns.
  • 5. It is very important to write "Speed ​​Post" on your envelope.
  • 6. Then you have to go to the post office and give it to the booking staff, then they will weigh it and charge the speed post accordingly. You will then be given an acknowledgment where the goods number of the post will be written.
  • 7. Carefully keep this activity number carefully as only with this help you can know the status of your post. And if there is a problem, you can also complain.

If you want more information, you can visit India Post | You can read the homepage by going to the link given here

Note: If you have a smartphone, you can install an app called "Post-Information" that will help you calculate postage.

Speed ​​post charges list

Here I have listed the speed post charges currently in use so you can find them twice as easily

The revised speed post rates from 11 June 2007 are given below.

* Includes service tax

How to check speed post

By now we have all learned how to do speed post and all its information in Hindi, now we will understand how to track your sent speed post here. Here I will give you complete information about it.

  • First visit the official page of Indian Post.
  • On the same page, you will see a box on the right and in which you will also see the tab of Tracking ID / Goods Number, in which you have to fill both these boxes.
  • Below this, there will be a captcha that you have to fill out. After filling it, you have to press the go button.
  • After that, on the page you will find all the information related to your speed post, registered post or courier.

How to check speed post via SMS

If you are not near any post office you can still keep track of your speed post. How can you do this, I am telling you today.

First go to your mobile's SMS box and type post track, then enter the tracking number and send to 166 or 51969. It should be noted here that the fee for sending SMS will be charged under your SMS plan.

Speed ​​Post Customer Service Number

If you have a complaint about any transaction of your speed post, you can go to the nearest post office and report it, but keep in mind that you must also take the goods number of that transaction with you.

Please contact Gateway Center Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai for complaints related to Speed ​​Post International.

City : Delhi   
Manager Email ID:  spc.delhi@indiapost.gov.in

City : Mumbai
Manager Email ID:  spc.mumbai@indiapost.gov.in

City : Chennai  
Manager Email ID:  spc.chennai@indiapost.gov.in

City : Kolkata 
Manager Email ID:  spc.kolkata@indiapost.gov.in

I sincerely hope you understand What is Speed ​​Post and how to do it?. I urge all of your readers to share this information with your neighbors, relatives and friends, so that our awareness stays there and benefits everyone. we need your support so that I can give you more new information.

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